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Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint recognition is also known as "image acquisition". In this part of the process, a user places his or her finger on a scanner. Numerous images of the fingerprint are then captured. It should be noted that during this stage, the goal is to capture images of the center of the fingerprint, which contains many of the unique features. All of the captured images are then converted into black and white images.


The fingerprint is composed of various “ridges” and “valleys” which form the basis for the loops, arches, and swirls that one can easily see on his/her fingertip. The ridges and valleys contain different kinds of breaks and discontinuities. These are called “minutiae”, and it is from these “minutiae” that the unique features are located and determined. There are two types of “minutiae”:

  • Ridge endings (the location where the ridge actually ends)
  • Bifurcations (the location where a single ridge becomes two ridges)



Facial Biometrics

Face Recognition technology have lead to perfection since many years. Now Face recognition technology is the best of all technology available where the large no of database is required to identify with easy, user friendly process. The Face technology has been made to safely recognize persons, independent of variances that appear to human faces. Face Recognition technology handles pose, mimic, aging variance as well as variances coming from a new hair style, glasses or temporary lighting changes.

The independency can never be 100% based on the nature of biometrics, however algorithmic leadership, optimizing and fine tuning over a very long period created the best of class variance independency, i.e. it created excellent verification and identification results. Performance, i.e. accuracy and reliability of the recognition engine, is the key to the quality of face recognition systems.


Palm vein Recognition

Each and every person is having unique pattern of palm veins. Even if they are twin they have different pattern of palm veins. In order to identify a person complicated vascular pattern is very much helpful and that's why it is having quite differentiating features for person's identification. One of the greater advantages of palm vein is that they do not adopt any change during the life of a human because they lie under the skin. It is very much secure method of identification and authentication.

Palm vein scanner Function: Person's palm vein image is captured by special kind of sensor. During reflection, illumination of palm takes place with the help of infrared rays and captures the light given off after diffusion through the palm. The deoxidized hemoglobin in the palm vein vessels absorbs the infrared rays and causing the palm veins to appear as a black pattern. This vein pattern is then verified against preregistered pattern to authenticate the human. This recognition method provides high level of security.

Advantages of Palm Vein recognition biometrics: Difficult to forge because of palm veins are inside the superficial skin. So impossible to copy the palm veins. It is highly accurate and capable of 1:1 and 1: many matching .



It is a compact and FBI certified 4-slap scanner in full compliance with the "10-print capture scanner & software user group requirements" suitable for all applications in need of 10 fingerprints flat and rolled acquisition. Main applications are visa issuing, e-id documents and criminal identification.

    other specifications
  2. Enrolment Time < 5.0 sec
  3. Verification Time:< 1.0 secs
  4. Template data size: 256 Byte
  5. Quality level: 2
  6. Maximum Pixels per inch support: 500
  7. Pixel depth : 8
  8. Dynamic range (grey levels): 220
  9. Certified by: EFTS/F
  10. Ingress protection : Rugged IP54 Dust & Waterproof Structure
  11. User interfaces: Speaker for programmable sound & voice instruction
    Government applications where such scanners are used.
  • Vehicle License issue
  • Government forensic applications
  • criminal investigation applications
  • Biometric ration card project
  • biometric electronic voter ID card project
  • Government National population registration(enrollment) project